I’m constantly finding new blogs, and while I’d love to share them all, these are a few I love and try not to miss. Since a list of links is fun (but not always helpful), I’ve included a little bit about each of them as well.

As Simple As That – I am constantly amazed at Hannah’s spirit. Her writing is breathtaking, her enthusiasm contagious, and her quest to always learn, grow, be makes me want to be a better person. Sometimes I save her posts for when I’m in a bad mood because they always lift me up and give me perspective – even when I don’t expect them to. She’s a dear friend and a powerhouse – hello founder of More Love Letters!

Girl with the Red Hair – It’s possible to consider someone one of your closest friends without ever having met them – and Amber is the reason I know this. (After all, she is my redheaded brain twin). Hers was one of the first blogs I started reading and I’ve never missed a post! She’s a runner, a healthy eater, a passionate young professional, and she can plan a schedule like no one’s business.


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